Ancient   Mystery
Alternative History
Clues toward a larger human past

Modern history books often begin with Sumer and Egypt, the most recent six thousand years. Historians are comfortable with the information they have gathered: written documents and monumental buildings give the impression of science. The earlier thirty-five thousand years of Homo Sapiens' history can be invisible to scholars, their secrets rarely considered. Yet early humans were every bit as smart as we are. Perhaps we have underestimated them.

To touch humanity's deep past would mean a change of perception.
It's an era of association rather than logic.

An era of art.

There are traces of hidden knowledge in many places.
Ancient Mystery surrounds us.


Many ancient peoples had an oral tradition
of unseen forces and energy underlying the ordinary world.
They called it many names and approached it in many ways.

The Earth has lines of energy that run across the countryside - lines of great importance to ancient and native peoples. In Britain and nearby France these lines of force (leys) were in ancient times channeled and directed with large standing stones and earthworks. Over centuries they built a technology so lost today we have difficulty imagining it.

Ancient knowledge of the leys is seen in many lands - the songlines of Australia, Feng Shui in China, the sacred geometry of Egypt, perhaps the Mound and Nazca cultures of America. Only in Europe, however, do we find a massive effort to straighten and channel this energy. Modern roads now follow the old tracks, modern churches are located atop the ancient shrines, old stones and earthworks still stand. The system, although degraded, must still be functioning. Without skilled adepts to moderate it.

two mountain ranges as unfinished masses of energy in balance

The wonderful paintings shown on this page
are by Central Australian Aborigine artists, 1960 - 1990.
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The Ancients knew Egypt as the very source of Mystery.
There are countless beautiful 19th century images
of ancient Egypt in Ascending Passage,
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