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Modern historians generally confine themselves to the last 6 thousand years - the period from which written documents and monumental buildings are known. The earlier 35 thousand years of Homo Sapiens' history, as well as several million years of pre-human thought and culture, are mostly unknown to scholars, their secrets rarely considered.

The pyramids of Egypt
the pyramids of Egypt by David Roberts

We can read only a small part of the story of the past in the great ruins that still stand and the tablets and scrolls that remain. Much is lost to time, more is still hidden, someday to be found. Many relics will keep their secrets. A tool of wood will dissolve in the earth in a few years - historians speak of the "stone age", but not of the "wood age" that surely occurred.

Some ancient peoples, such as the Hopi and Maya in America and the Hindu of India, speak of recurring cycles of development and destruction going back for hundreds of thousands of years. The psychic Edgar Cayce agreed, placing the culture of Atlantis at 60 to 12 thousand years ago, and that of Lemuria (Mu) before that.

Also largely unavailable is oral history, which was far more important to ancient tribes than most people realize. People in diverse parts of the world still hold tightly to their ancestors' oral history, sometimes spanning tens of thousands of years. A few have come forward with their stories, most have not, and perhaps will keep their secrets for many more generations.

There are hints of hidden knowledge in many places. Ancient Mystery surrounds us.

the cathedral of Burgos
The Cathedral of Burgos
by David Roberts, 1835


Joseph Campbell
Campbell practically defined the modern study of Myth as it relates to the stories of our lives. "All myths and epics are linked in the human psyche, and they are cultural manifestations of the universal need to explain social, cosmological, and spiritual realities" quote from website
Perhaps the clearest evidence of the power of Campbell's work is that George Lucas based his Star Wars movies on it.
Joseph Campbell Foundation Web site:
The Bock Saga
A very ancient song cycle has been preserved by the Boch family of North East Finland.
Here, then, is the story from the Northlands, of a people in a small area of Finland protected by warm water currents during the Ice Age and ancestors of much of Europe.
"In the ROT (root) Ring, alphabet / Sound System ... each individual sound is fraught with meaning and integral to an ever-developing network of associations, naturally crystallizing into the logic patterns underlying the various forms of human culture of which we have knowledge today." quote from website
Linguists speculate a common language in humanity's forgotten past, giving some truth to the story of the tower of Babel. Such a language may be more pure, more primal, more meaningful - with each sound having clear inherent meaning, then blended with others to form ideas.
Ior Bock can speak the ancient tongue and believes the sounds of the Saga his family has preserved for so long are its most important teaching.
Web site:
Commentary: /
J.R.R. Tolkien
was one of the greatest linguists and mythologists of the 20th century. His books get much of their power from ancient legends. Who was the Lord of the Rings?
The Hollow Earth theory
The Hollow Earth is one of the most long lasting conspiracy theories, with origins in the Buddhist highly evolved kingdom of Agartha, the Greek Hades (Plato wrote of "tunnels both broad and narrow in the interior"), and countless other tales.
The famous astronomer Edmond Halley speculated on a hollow Earth, as did mathematician Leonhard Euler. Adolph Hitler expended considerable energy attempting to prove the theory, and tales of secret Antarctic nazi bases are still told.
Modern Hollow Earth devotees mostly content themselves with anomalies and blank spots in our knowledge of the Earth's interior, or deep, as yet undiscovered tunnels in the crust. There may be a grain of truth below all this.
Book: Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth and the Shaver Mysteries by David Hatcher Childress
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Jan Lamprecht's Web site:
Underground mysteries article list:
Cargo Cults
During World War II American troops arrived on South Sea Islands with loads of wonderful things previously unknown to the Native people. On some islands these Americans became gods after they left, the natives praying for their return, with more cargo. If Aliens truly came in ancient times this is a good indication of how they were remembered.
Of course the anthropologists have taken this apart, researched its' history and so forth - at least they have some great pictures:
What would life be like
if clouds all ways hid the sun, as they likely did in previous ages. Perhaps then, with the cooling of night, the clouds would sometimes part to show the Moon. And it is thought that earlier peoples often had female gods. Not surprising.

Blake's Portait of God  measuring
God, by William Blake

Numbers, Symbols and Secret Knowledge

Frank Edge
17,000-year-old paintings in the caves of Lascaux, France seem to be ancient star charts. An early astrology school or temple?
Ernest G. McClain
Ancient music was based on deep mathematical connections between numbers, connections that are basic to the structure of the universe but are considered minor coincidences today. Ernest G. McClain has rebuilt a great part of this understanding. His website:
Sumner (Sumer), one of the earliest known civilizations, in modern day Iraq, had a complex relationship between their gods and numbers. This is a mindbender. Highly recommended Sacred Science.
Music, Math, and Myth in ancient Sumer (Sumner).
(This will take several readings - how the Ancients viewed Numbers is quite a jump from our "modern" understanding.)
Livio C. Stecchini
A history of measures - an important part of ancient Sacred Science. Article list:
Pyramid studies:
John Reid
Has found that some ancient structures are carefully built to resonate at certain sound vibrations.
"So far, the results suggest that earth herself speaks directly to us, and that we register this information in symbol, form, language, and myth."
The sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid in Egypt produced "Cymatic imagery that strongly resembled hieroglyphs."
Quotes from article:
Adrian Gilbert
Ancient secret wisdom
Books: Magi: The Quest for a Secret Brotherhood
_ _ The Holy Kingdom: The Quest For The Real King Arthur
This long forgotten city in Jordan could only be reached through a narrow passageway through the mountains. The known ruins date only to a little before the Roman time, but a sense of great mystery is often reported by travelers there. Article, with paintings by David Roberts and others:
Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner
The meaning of the Great Cathedrals, the World Tree, and "a rediscovery of the roots of the western esoteric tradition".
Book: Monument to the End of Time : Alchemy, Fulcanelli, and the Great Cross
Rene Schwaller de Lubicz
The most profound understanding of Ancient Egypt comes from this Alchemy master. An Ascending Passage feature: Schwaller de Lubicz
The ancient mystical tree of life. For those who like to connect the dots - a beautiful online exposition.
Web site:
Ancient Greek teacher of Sacred Geometry, he was far more than the mathematical theory that bears his name.
Good website:

Ancient Kom Ombo Temple largely covered by sand
the Temple at Kom Ombo, Egypt
by David Roberts, 1838

Anomalous Archeology

Graham Hancock
Many sources put the fall of Atlantis at about 12 thousand years ago, at the end of the last ice age. Sea level was then about 200 feet (60 meters) below its current level, the water being locked in ice. Hancock dives on underwater ruins around the world.
Books: Fingerprints of the Gods
_ _ The Sign and the Seal . (about the Ark of the Covenant)
Graham's website has an excellent archeology news section, along with his recent explorations.
Web site:
The Piri Reis Map
A favorite of "lost civilization" believers, The Piri Reis Map is a 16th century map that includes details that should not have been known to map makers of that time, most notably the coast of Antartica which was then (and is now) under thousands of feet of ice. Article
David Hatcher Childress
A wanderer and seeker of ancient civilizations and the mysteries they held. Childress has a good concept of how it all fits together.
Article: Tesla and Marconi
Article: Mysterious Glass in the Egyptian Sahara
John W. Hoopes
Anomalous ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica that are seven feet in diameter and are very close to perfectly round. Probably not from Atlantis but what are they?
The Dropa Stones
More than 700 stones somewhat resembling phonograph records have been found in an area of central Asia between Tibet and Mongolia. Are these stones evidence of an ancient Alien encounter?
Alexandr Chuvyrov
"Dashka's stone" a highly anomalous ancient relief map found in 1999 in the Ural region of Russia. This could be a valid example of ancient high technology, but details are scarce.
Map Article: - scroll down a bit:
High radiation counts and stonework turned to glass
have been found at several ancient cities, leading some to speculate that previous civilizations had atomic weapons. This may not be quite as anomalous as it seems - the Ancients may have used a completely different approach to releasing nuclear energy. Article
Jerusalem Wall tunnel tour
The famous "Wailing Wall" of old Jerusalem is a part of the enclosure of Solomon's Temple. Much of the rest, buried for centuries, has been recently excavated. This Website is a fascinating look back in history.
Jerusalem tunnel:
Celtic archaeological discoveries
in New Zealand
Erich Von Daniken
Pioneer of the theory of ancient astronauts - ET visitors in Earth's past. Von Daniken has asked questions long ignored and overlooked by conventional archeology, and opened vast new areas of thought. He does seem to reach for the alien explanation too easily; many of the mysteries he explores have other explanations - sometimes equally strange.
Web site: . . . (large news section)
Ian Lawton
Ancient wisdom. Ian Lawton looks at a number of theories concerning ancient mysteries with a fresh perspective. Explore past the book advertisements for some good information on Egypt and Mesopotamia, leaning a bit towards the conventional.
Ancient mysteries magazine -
An overview of exploration and research into the greater history of the Human species. Published by the Edgar Cayce foundation. Recommended.
Baalbek and Byblos,
two ancient cities in Lebanon, may contain clues to an unknown great civilization thousands of years before recorded history. Article:

Ancient Megalithic Stone Works dramatically show the power of ancient technology. An Ancient Mystery feature:
Megalithic Stoneworks Page
A closer look at Baalbek - a curious site in Lebanon:
Baalbek Ancient Mystery Site
Gobekli Tepe is a hugely important Archaeological find in Turkey that is re-writing the history of 10,000 years ago:
Gobekli Tepe Page
And, of course, do not miss our two web sites on Egypt:
Ascending Passage and about Egypt's Pyramids.

Chief Joseph at the door to his tent
Chief Joseph (In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat)
of the Nez Perce (photo: Smithsonian)

Native American Stories

"We were contented to let things remain as the Great Spirit Chief made them. They were not, and would change the rivers and mountains if they did not suit them."
- Chief Joseph.
Robert Ghostwolf
Native American teachings.
Robert has studied ancient and biblical history. He has been shown places by Native American Elders that belong to peoples unknown to conventional archeology, including a race of 12-foot giants with red curly hair. (there are other stories of such folks.) is a great web site.
Web site:
Thunderbird - a fable: The Giant Bird
Vine Deloria Jr.
Native American Oral History disputing the claims of White science.
Article: Giants
The Kogi People of Columbia
A very clear and strong message of living in harmony
Article: Sacred Hoop

Lost History of North America

Claims of anomalous archeological finds in North America have been around for a long time - note the names Cairo, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee. Many are clearly hoaxes or have conventional explanations, but some, like the Egyptian Burial Cave written on by David Hatcher Childress in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, The Kensington Runestone, and copper mines and smelting furnaces in the upper Midwest that seem to have supplied Bronze Age Europe, may have some substance.
The 3,500-year-old Celtic America's Stonehenge is well documented. More recently the discovery of cocaine and tobacco in samples from numerous Egyptian mummies have rekindled the arguments. There is evidence that an Irish monk, Saint Brendan, sailed to Newfoundland in the 6th century AD.
Chinese exploration of North America may be documented in the Shan Hai King, a book the Chinese claim to have been written in 2205 B.C.E, and the explorer Zheng He may have arrived 50 years before Columbus in ships over 400 feet long. Zheng He article.
Abubakari II (Abu Bakr II), king of the vast African empire centered in what is now Mali, sailed on a journey West with 2000 ships of a variety of sizes in 1311 AD, and did not return. Article and a BBC article. Indeed there are reasons to suspect that the Olmec civilization (1200 - 400 BC) - the first large scale American empire, was founded by Africans: Article.
Mounds of North America and a lot more possible evidence is at Sparky's American Epigraphy alternative prehistory site.
"Exploration in Texas" is an online book tracing many claims of pre-Columbian visitors to America, written by a scholar who is surprisingly open minded. The different levels of evidence are examined and sifted into shades of grey. The author believes many of the stories have roots in fact, it is just not clear which ones. An excellent overview, not as Texas-centered as the title suggests.
The Native residents of America had many tales of visitors from over the oceans, most notably the White god Quetzalcoatl.
These and other bits of evidence point to the possibility that America's existence was known to a select few in the "old world" for many centuries and the information was kept secret, perhaps to protect the commercial value of their sources for goods.
Conventional science always seems to resist changing its views and ancient communication between America and the Mediterranean would be a severe shock to the system. . .

Inca Mysteries and the Mayan Calendar

Ivan Watkins Ph.D. has examined the marks
left by ancient Inca stonecarvers under the microscope. His conclusion - they were cut with laser - like heat. He then found records of the Spanish conquistadores finding gold bowls over 10 feet in diameter and speculated they were solar collectors used to cut the stones.
(a good job. Watkins could have made noise about "proving" the Inca had lasers. Instead he looked deeper, and found a reasonable explanation. Yet the ability to make mirrors so precisely, and the knowledge of optics needed to determine the necessary shape, certainly are high technological arts unknown in Europe at the time)
Ica Stones
Strangely beautiful carved stones from Peru - either a well-done hoax or a deep mystery. Article: There's a lot of speculation about the Ica stones, which seem to show ancient high technology and dinosaurs, and a lot of mystical interest. seems to cover the issues, but a lot of the website is locked in "members only" sections. There is enough free information to show that these stones, found near the Nazca lines, should not be easily dismissed.
Andes Tunnels
A prehistoric underground tunnel system that allowed Inca rulers quick access to their mountainous empire and the lost treasure that may still exist underground.
Tunnel Article: by David Hatcher Childress.
New research on Inca string writing
A big Inca mysteries site:
William Sullivan - Inca Astrology embedded in myth -
Sullivan Article:
A great Machu Picchu Photo site
The Nazca Lines (or Nasca)
and glyph figures may come from a pre - Inca time in Peru. Carved shallowly in the desert floor and on surrounding hills - over an area of 400 square miles - their meaning confounds researchers. Nazca lines photos and info:
John Major Jenkins
The Mayan Calendar is based on a series of astrological cycles. Each cycle has a point where it ends and the next cycle begins - groups of cycles compose larger and yet larger cycles... One of the largest will end at the winter equinox in 2012, a thought that has many people concerned. Jenkins provides a detailed, sympathetic study. Website also has material on Finnish Kalevala Mythology.
Web site:
Ian Xel Lungold
The Mayan Calendar and other things Maya, with a bit of good ole USA politics thrown in.
Website: . . . (a pretty site)

the convent of St. Catherine
the Convent of St. Catherine at the base of Mount Sinai
by David Roberts

The Greatest Conspiracy?

Tracy Twyman & Boyd Rice
Dagobert's Revenge Magazine.
The Holy Grail and the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ.
The persistent story that Jesus, known in the Bible to be descended from King David, was in fact the heir to the throne of the Jewish people. The story is that this family was the core of the ancient Egyptian priesthood, with all the secret knowledge that implies, and that this same family became the royal families of Europe and still has enormous influence today.
Related Book: Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln

Bible Out-Takes The rest of the story. An Ancient Mystery feature:
Bible Out-Takes

Petra's entrance hidden in the mountains
The entrance to Petra, city of mystery, in Jordan
by David Roberts
.....a directory
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Gobekli Tepe Page
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