Australian Aboriginie Paintings
Part 2

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Author Mercedes Lackey writes of a fantasy land where magic is stronger than it is in the world of today. In her books all living things radiate an unseen energy that collects and flows underground in growing channels (leys) to points where these leys converge (nodes). The energy is then transmuted to a different, reservoir, level, normally by a slow "evaporation", but it can also provide the power for magical works. Kind of a parallel to the water cycle.

Magic fills our literature,
both in the myths of the past and the imagination of today.
In ancient cultures magic was accepted as fact,
deeply woven into the people's lives.
Is it possible that the energy that drives magic
has been in drought for the last centuries,
forcing the development of logic to take it's evolutionary place?
Is magic these days only a faint glimmer of what it once was?

the local pattern of earth energy passes through three people

"Songlines are so named because they are maps written in songs,
depicting mythic events at successive sites along a walking trail
that winds through a region.
Each Aboriginal tribe inherited a network of songlines,
and all travel in the lands of neighboring tribes
was done along these lines."

Robert Lawlor
"Voices of the First Day:
Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime"

"The basic evasion of the essential is the problem of man
...right close by   pulsating life   is all around...
The keys are cemented into the mechanical rigidity
of your body and soul."

            Wilhelm Reich

"We've also seen the effect of - - -
all of a sudden we find a certain kind of feeling
or a certain kind of rhythm
and the whole place is like a sea
and it goes Boom . . .
Boom . . .

            Jerry Garcia


"When the energy is just at the center,
When it is not moving anywhere,
neither in the head nor in the heart,
but it is at the very source
from where the heart takes it, the head takes it,
pulsating at the very source--"

Osho: The Zen Manifesto

Emu Bird

Sermon in the city:
it's a piece of paper.
Sermon in the bush:
holds the Law in their hands.

"Our Generation"
(Last chance for freedom)
by Yothu Yindi, Australia

The Cosmic Kangaroo

The wonderful paintings shown on this page
are by Central Australian Aborigine artists, 1960 - 1990.
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