Paintings by David Roberts
and one more

Ancient walled city of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives.
By David Roberts, 1839.

The northern entrance to Jerusalem, Damascus Gate.
By David Roberts, 1839.

"Everyone who seeks truth from true wisdom
will make himself wings so as to fly,
fleeing the lust that scorches the spirits of men.
And he will make himself wings to flee every visible thing."

The Book of Thomas the Contender

Tower of David, Jerusalem
By David Roberts, 1839.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem
by Raphael Tuck, 1908.

"That is why the Good came into your midst,
to the essence of every nature
in order to restore it to its root."

The Book of Mary Magdalene

The Church of St. Helena, Bethlehem.
by David Roberts, 1839

The Gnostic Society

The Gnostic Society online Library is the source of the quotes above. They have a collection of ancient texts, including Old and New Testament apocrypha, books of Jesus not in the Bible, Hermetic and Alchemical writings and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

With all the texts floating around, true and false, it is notable that no document claims to be written by Jesus' own hand. The Bible records that Jesus read from the Scriptures so why didn't he write? Buddha was highly educated, but he didn't write anything either.

The Golden Gate of Jerusalem,
eastern entrance to the Temple Mount.
By David Roberts, 1839.
The Golden Gate has been closed for centuries.
Legend says it will open when the Messiah arrives.

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The Ancients knew Egypt as the very source of Mystery.
There are countless beautiful 19th century images
of ancient Egypt in Ascending Passage,
with information and links to three websites and 75 pages
of architecture, art and secrets,
covering the length of Ancient Egypt and a bit beyond.
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