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Along with the well known monuments of Egypt, the Ancients have left us a large number of other puzzling sites. It is exponentially more difficult to move and position the giant blocks they used in constructing temples and walls than to build with smaller stone blocks, yet these people frequently used stones that would pose serious difficulties to modern technology. In the most ancient times men moved and erected incredibly massive stones, and modern man has very little understanding of the reason for all the effort.

Baalbec - A Roman temple, and maybe more...
by David Roberts

MM2000's Sphinx page -
An introduction to Ancient stone monoliths and other mysteries
Malta A little known megalithic civilization,
(3800 BC), this small group of islands in the Mediterranean evokes ancient memories.
Web site:
Stories of Malta:
BaalBek (Baalbec, Bal-Bekaa, Baal-Bek)
A very important Roman temple in Lebanon, Baalbek has the largest building stones ever used. Its walls contain stones of about 800 tons each and a 1000 ton stone was apparently abandoned in transit. (the largest movable land based cranes in the world can lift 200 tons, sea based cranes are larger)
Some observers have commented that it appears the stones were reused from an earlier structure. Others insist that only Roman artifacts have been found here. A simple dig at the 1000 ton "Stone of the South" - also called the "Stone of the Pregnant Woman", which was apparently abandoned in transit, could perhaps establish its' age from the sediment layers around it - it is not likely to have been moved since it was abandoned!
Mysterious Baal-Bek Site
A no nonsense Baalbek posting.

Explore the stones of Baalbek and see another David Roberts painting at our Baalbek page.

The great hall of columns at Karnac, Egypt.
by David Roberts

Pyramids are a global phenomenon.
Here is a site with information on pyramids around the world:
The Western Wall of the Temple Mount
in Jerusalem has at least three 500 ton stones, placed in their current location in Roman times.
Jerusalem wall Photo: (part of one of these massive stones can be seen at the bottom of the photo)
A vast gallery of
European megalithic sites
A history of Stonehenge
Thousands of standing stones at Carnac in Brittany, France
are scattered around the countryside. The largest still standing is about 20 feet tall, but "Le Grand Menhir Brisé", now fallen and broken, was over 60 feet tall and weighed 300 tons. Geologic studies of the stone in the area have shown that it was transported at least 4 miles. Carnac Photos.
Russian Megalithic
Bimini Road Bahama Islands
Several straight megalithic - looking rock walls or roads have been found underwater near Bimini Island, perhaps remnants of ancient construction.
Photo site:
An odd little page
about Megalithic Malibu
The Inca
(1200-1500 AD) built their cities using large stones with rounded, interlocking irregular shapes fitted together with great precision, perhaps designed to resist earthquakes. Stones in the walls of Sacsayhuamán (Saksaq Waman, Sacsayhuaman), adjacent to Cusco, in modern Peru weigh up to an estimated 130 tons.
Easter Island
As far from anywhere as anyone can get, the people of Easter Island in the South Pacific created a unique culture, complete with giant "Moa" statues. Easter Island's mysteries range in age in the hundreds of years, not nearly old enough for Mu (Lemuria). Still, the inhabitants of this small island managed to carve and raise statues of up to 82 tons and 32 feet tall.
Was sound used
to raise gigantic stone blocks in ancient times? Legends around the world hint "yes": (archive site)
Georgia Guide Stones
In 1979 a mysterious gentleman appeared in a small town in Georgia, with plans to build a megalithic monument of 20 ton granite stones. Georgia Guide Stones
Gobekli Tepe
A newly discovered site in South Turkey is upending everything science thought they knew about the people of 9000 years ago. This megalithic site is detailed on our Gobekli Tepe page.

Petra - Magical city carved into the mountains of Jordan.
by David Roberts
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